Where You Should Visit in Ireland - The Emerald Isle - Day Seven of Nine

Oct 2, 2012 -

Day 7 - Where You Should Visit in Ireland - The Emerald Isle - Day Seven of Nine
Blarney's Castle
10:00AM – Leaving for Dublin

Today would end up being a traveling day. It takes about three hours to drive from Galway to Dublin.

We woke up at around 10:00AM and had breakfast at the ice cream shop we went to the night before. No, we didn’t have ice cream for breakfast. Though, I kind of wish we did. They actually serve genuine Irish breakfast. We walked around the streets near the hostel and debated whether or not we wanted to watch a movie. Ultimately, nobody made a decision; so ironically, our default was not to watch a movie.

Then we went to Eynes Square to find Budget Car Rental. There we asked for a discount if returned the car earlier. We had the car for another two days. They wouldn’t be able to give us a discount, but they gave us a parking pass which saved us about 8€. Galway is too busy to drive in, which makes it inconvenient to have a car. On our way to Dublin, we passed by a bunch of toll roads and in total I think it cost us 10€. We stopped by the Fitzgerald’s roost in Maynooth, which is about thirty minutes away from Dublin. I ordered a baguette sandwich. It was mediocre at best, but I was able to collect a couple drink coasters.

5:00pm – Drop off the car at Budget

A group decision was made to drop off the car and pick up our friend at Dublin Airport. She would be joining us for the remainder of the trip. When we got to the Dublin Airport Budget car center, we were advised to fill up the gas tank so that we would get a gas rebate. It cost 72€ to fill up and we got back around 120€. It is almost always better to fill up the car yourself for rentals. We picked up our friend at the Airport and took the same bus into the city. We checked into Abbey Court hostel and then went out for dinner. Then we went to a couple more pubs and explored the city listening to live music. I watched part of the Players Championship and then got back early at around midnight and knocked out.

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