Where You Should Visit in Ireland - The Emerald Isle - Day Zero/One of Nine

Jun 11, 2012 -

Day 0 

12:00pm – Arrived at LAX Airport

2:00pm - Leaving for Dublin Airport (DUB) via Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (4 Hr Layover; 12 Hr flight time)

KLM- Royal Dutch Airlines has surprisingly good airplane food. My first meal on this flight was scrambled eggs with potatoes, mixed fruits and yogurt parfait. Each of our seats included personal TVs, which showed recent movies and stored single and multiplayer games. This is standard on international flights.
Day 1

9:00AM – Arrived in Amsterdam – Schiphol (AMS)

The group debated whether or not to go into the city with a 4 hour layover we thought it was cutting it close to be entering a city we were not already familiar with. Instead we used the time to figure out the train routes into Amsterdam and how to purchase train tickets.

1:00PM – Flown from AMS to DUB (1 Hr and 30 Min flight time)

We exited the airport and immediately searched for public transportation. We took Bus 16A into Dublin downtown, which cost about 2€ (1€= 1.3 USD). We asked someone sitting next to us which stop was O’Connell Street. He said he didn’t have a clue. Luckily for us an older lady was able to let us know when we needed to get off. While in the bus, we saw some interesting restaurant signs. Apparently they call ‘take out’, ‘take away’ in Ireland. The street signs are impossible to see. They aren’t like those in the states. They have license plate sized street signs tacked on the corner of their buildings some three stories up. Who can see that? After we got off the 30 minute bus ride, like the tourists we were, we rolled our luggage to the hostel. This was when I wished I had a true backpacking backpack.

3:00PM – We arrived at the Liffey Hostel (aka Litton Lane)

The hostel entrance was in an alley, which made it extremely difficult to find. My first impression of the hostel was that it was a music studio artsy lounge. When you first enter you’ll see the reception to your left and then to your right you’ll see a common room. The common room held a couple couches, computers, and a TV. It was decorated with records and artsy picture of famous Irish artists including U2. This room led to the kitchen which was a fair size with a couple foldable tables and some chairs. The second, third, and I believe fourth floor had all the room and shared bathrooms/showers. When we walked up the stairs, on each floor you would see murals of famous singers. Incidentally, the receptionist mentioned to us that this used to be a music studio, however because the equipment became a pain to bring up and down the stairs it was converted into a hostel. This was the first time I had lived in a hostel. Generally speaking, people who stay at hostels are nice and outgoing individuals.

5:00PM – Dinner at Messrs Maguire in Dublin

We had skipped lunch due to our flight time overlapping with lunch. Although the flight from the Netherlands to Ireland is technically an international flight, the fact that it was only an hour and a half meant that a meal would not be provided. We asked people at the hostel what were some good places to eat. They recommended Messrs Maguire, which used to be a library, and the Church Bar, which used to be a church, but now is a bar/restaurant. We ended up in both places at the end of the night. Maguire was more of a pub like atmosphere than the Church, which seemed more high-end.

8:00PM – Walked around downtown Dublin

Nightlife in Dublin is lively to say the least. Everywhere you turn there are packed pubs with live Irish music. People are walking all around. There is constant chatter in the cold air. We crossed the River Liffey to get to famous touristy places such as Temple Bar and the Bank of Ireland (IRE). Temple Bar was packed and has now become such a touristy place that locals no longer go here. Also, their beers are said to be overpriced. In general, beers in Ireland were around 5€ or $6.50 USD. The food was a lot more expensive. Generally speaking, the prices were 1/3 more than they were in the states. For example if a meal was $11.5 USD, in Ireland that same meal would have been 15€. If we adjust for foreign exchange that meal would have been about $19.5 USD.

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