Who audits....Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft/LinkedIn?

Sep 24, 2012 -

Who is the Big 4 Public Accounting Winner? 

Is it PwC, Deloitte, E&Y, or KPMG?

Ernst & Young LLP has been Apple Inc.'s independent auditors since 2009. Previously they used KPMG. I was surprised when I saw that E&Y also audits Google! It looks like Ernst & Young has been auditing Google for quite sometime now - at least since 2007. 

What about Facebook? Who audits Facebook? Take a wild guess. If you guessed Ernst & Young, you guessed correctly. 

What about Microsoft and Linkedin? Deloitte audits both after Microsoft bought Linkedin.

Out of the four companies we looked at, three of them are audited by Ernst & Young. While only one was audited by Deloitte. None by KPMG or PwC. 

If you live in the Bay area or in Northern California and want to work on one of these audit clients, then the best chance is by working at E&Y. 
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