Where You Should Visit in Ireland - The Emerald Isle - Day Five of Nine

Aug 1, 2012 -

Day 5 - Where You Should Visit in Ireland - The Emerald Isle - Day Five of Nine

10:00AM – To Galway via Cliffs of Moher and Ferry from Tarbert to Killimer

We woke up at 10AM after a rough day at the pub the night before. We checked out of the hostel and then went to eat breakfast at John Benny’s. Breakfast at the hostels is only served until 9:30AM, so the last couple days we missed the hostel breakfast. I lost credit card roulette that morning. For those of you who are not familiar with this game, the diners will put a credit card in a pile and we draw one after another. The last one standing pays the entire bill. The bill came out to about 40€. After breakfast, we went to the supermarket and picked up some water and snacks. We also stopped by a number of souvenir shops. None of the souvenirs caught my eye.

1:00PM – Drive to Tarbert to Ferry to Killimer and Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher
We arrived in Tarbert early afternoon and for 18€ we took our car on a ferry to Killimer. The ferry took about 10 minutes. We then drove about two hours to the Cliffs of Moher. It was raining the day we went, but the view was still gorgeous. It was just amazing to see the naturally made cliffs and the waves crashing against it just below. It was very windy, but it was well worth the drive. I picked up a picture of the Cliffs on a sunny day and a Cliffs of Moher bookmark. Admission to the Cliffs was about 4€. We hiked up to get a better view of the cliffs and at the top of the hike there was a castle tower. To save 2€ we decided not to go to the top of that. Still we spent a good 45 minutes at the location.

4:00PM- Drive to Galway

Roast Breast of Farmed Chicken - fine green beans, cep, cep purée  
We stopped by the Wild Honey Inn to eat dinner. I ordered the chicken breast, while it tasted great, I was left hungry. For one chicken breast it cost 15.50€. When we finally arrived in Galway, we checked into the Barnacles Hostel and were greeted by an Australian chick. On the way to the hostel, we had to drag our luggage on the cobblestone roads. Galway is supposedly a young hip place to be. I could tell that there was more happening here than Killarney or in Cork. It kind of gave me a Santa Monica Promenade feel, but on a much smaller scale. There were many moments when I wished I just had a backpacking backpack, but then I also thought to myself if I would be able to fit my souvenirs or prevent them from being damaged. It had been a couple days since we had done laundry. We paid 8€ per bag to do our laundry.

9:00PM – Lonely Planet meet up

At night, one of my buddies had met a girl on Lonely Planet and we met up. He had met Theresa and her travel friend Brandon. The both of them met Kelsey and Lindsey at their hostel. They all happened to go to the University of Indiana and were about to be seniors. We went bar hopping and drank Carlsberg (German drink), Smithwicks, and Bulmers. We played a drinking game whereby you would draw a card from the top of a deck and then while the card was faced down guess the card’s number. Another person would tell you if it was higher or lower than your guess. Then you would be given a second chance to guess the number. If you get it wrong you would have to drink. The beauty of it is that the cards already used would be put on the table. That information would factor in your guess. At the end of the night, I had found myself with a Guinness cup from the bar. I lost the group and apparently didn't see that they were outside the hostel. When I went around town, I didn't find them. So I just decided to retire for the night.

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