4 Steps to a Pristine Mind and Unconditional Happiness

May 1, 2017 -

Grab the snow globe on your table. Give it a couple shakes. You'll notice that the snow that once settled at the bottom of the globe now covers the small town. Set the globe aside and eventually the snow settles back to the bottom of the globe and the small town is revealed.

Our minds are a lot like snow globes. Throughout the days we are bombarded with thoughts that augment and collide together. Eventually, all of our concerns, worries and expectations cloud our minds. As a result, we lose sight of the small town within. Often times this build up within our minds lead us to experience anger, fear, stress and unhappiness. The more clouded our minds are the more our negative thoughts feed off of the discourse within.

When you clear your mind, these mental constructions of anger, fear, stress and unhappiness subside just like when you let the snow in the globe settle. How do we clear our minds of such snowiness? In meditation, your mind is brought back to the present time. You let all our concerns, worries, and expectations that have built up over time settle.

Spend twenty minutes a day meditating and your anxiety and stresses will dissipate. If you want to clear your mind, focus on these four key steps.

1) Don't follow the past.
2) Don't anticipate the future.
3) Stay in the present moment.
4) Leave your mind alone.

If your mind is not in the past or in the future, it stays in the present. Twenty minutes of meditation a day will give you a whole day to enjoy everything throughout the day. Find happiness within yourself and you'll find happiness everywhere.

Our Pristine Mind: A Practical Guide to Unconditional Happiness

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