Three Reasons to Not Worry and Be Grumpy

Sep 12, 2016 -

1) What a cup of water has to to do with stress
How heavy is a cup of water? The longer you hold it the heavier it feels. After a minute your arm is hurting and after a minute and a half you feel more pain. By two minutes you are in agony.

What should you do when it feels heavy? Put it down and rest. Pick it up later and it will feel lighter. 

Stress has nothing to do with how much work and duties you have in life. The solution to stress is when life feels heavy do you know how to put it down and rest? Just put the job down for a few minutes and take a break. Then go back to the computer screen you have tons more ideas. Sit down and give yourself half an hour to rest. You'll be more productive and more ideas will come.

2) Why you should give yourself permission to be grumpy
Allow yourself to be whoever you are at this moment. Even if you are sick, accept being sick. Suppose someone sees you in the hospital, they are going to ask you how are you feeling. They've come all the way to see you and you aren't going to tell them you feel sick or still don't feel better. So this puts pressure on you to lie.

The morale of the story is that "we are always trying to be something that we are not and that's when we get in trouble."

There was a guy who was sick for many years. He was a champion wrestler and Rhodes Scholar, but he felt terrible and for many years could not come out of his room. One day someone went down to his room and told him on behalf of everyone around him, he gave him permission to die.

For years, he's being trying to fight the disease and he cried because at that moment he felt like he could just be. When you are sick you are trying so hard to get better it can kill you. As soon as there was no guilt and the attached stress disappeared, he started to get better.

The morale of the story is that "we are always trying to be something that we are not and that's when we get in trouble."

3) How kindness can make problems get smaller
There was a monster and it came into an empress' palace when she was away on business. All the guards who were suppose to guard the place left. The monster went into the empress' throne and sat on it. The guards told it to go away and said bad things to it. The monster started to feed on that negativity and hatred. Soon it became bigger and bigger. Each bad word made the monster bigger. By the time the empress came back it was so frightening and so smelly.

The empress came back and was kind to the monster. She offered him a drink and food. With each complement the monster became smaller and smaller. This was an anger eating monster. The morale of this story is that kindness can make many problems get smaller and more possible to fix. 

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