What are the Differences Between Dating in the West Coast vs. East Coast?

Jul 19, 2013 -

Dating For Women and Men in the West Coast versus East Coast in the United States

What is dating life like in the East Coast or West Coast?

Most people do not stay in their hometowns for their entire lives. For example, a friend of mine moved from Los Angeles to New York and stayed there for a couple years before moving back. For those who have not moved out of their hometowns, they almost always think about what life would be like outside of their hometowns. More importantly, those who are still single begin to wonder, if they are meeting the right people where they are. 

We are all already aware of the fact that there are more women than men on the east coast and more men than women on the west coast. So naturally, if you want to increase the girl to guy ratio you would want to move to the east coast. Likewise, there are more females on the west coast than on the east coast. But what dating challenges do you face by moving to one coast versus the other?

Here are the challenges or differences you may face dating on the east coast versus the west coast.

East Coast

- Don't be surprised if you see a girl ask a guy out on a date. This happens more often on the east coast.

- Talking about your career on a first date is acceptable. In fact, your entire date might just be about each other's careers. 

- Dating is generally seen as more efficient. You need to be specific and go after what you want. Some even describe it as "cut-throat".

- Your competition as a woman is the man's career.

West Coast

- Girls can be more chill and relaxed on the west coast than east coast.

- Talking about your career for the entire date will probably not go over well.

- Men on the west coast tend to date much younger women. It is not unusual to see a thirty year old man date someone in college.

- Dating can be seen as more casual. You might ask a girl out and then tell her that she should meet your friends and have her friends meet your friends.

-Your competition as a woman is that younger girl in college. 
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