Best Places in America for Bachelors to Live

May 8, 2011 -

Bachelor Life, Where Should You Live?

What is America's best city for men? Where is the most favorable female to male ratio for men?

Generally speaking, the east coast is more mate friendly to us males. For example, in New York there are approximately 200,000 more single women (25 to 44 years of age) than single men! 

All my life, I've lived on the west coast, without a reason to move. Now at the very least, I've planted a seed in my mind. So, why hasn't that seed grown into a plant or what is keeping me here? The unbeatable sunny weather. Where the east coast has snow, rain, and hail; I'd gladly wager a bet that the west coast, particularly the weather in California is sunny 90% of the year.

If I were to move to the east coast, what city would I consider moving to? Recently, December of 2010, U.S. News, ranked New York, Northern Jersey, and Long Island as the best places for single men to be on New Year's Eve. I take this to also mean, best places for men to get action. New York is followed by Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, Memphis, St. Louis, and then Cleveland. 

1. New York-Northern New Jersey - 149,219 more women than men
2. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria - 48,177
3. Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington - 30,929
4. Baltimore-Towson - 26,575
5. Boston-Cambridge-Quincy - 16,192
6. Memphis, Tennessee - 12,856
7. St. Louis, Missouri- 11,639
8. Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor, Ohio- 8,694

Up till recently, I've been considering Boston on the weak basis that it "sounds" like a great city. But, we all know New York is a great place to play and work. There is a rich culture (music and fashion) with great restaurants and clubs. Best of all, women outnumber men. Incidentally, New York was ranked the top city in the world for men by Politics Daily. How practical would it be for me to pick up and leave the west coast? The great thing about working for a Big 4 is that I can transfer to a different office in a different state and city rather easily. Since I'm not married or have kids, I'd say this would be the best time for me to make a change.

I'll need to think it through as I dislike the the fact that New York city is a major city, to say the least, and cost of living is bananas over there.

You only live once and I guess you can't have it all.
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