Essential Knowledge for a First Year Audit Staff/Intern at a Big 4 Accounting Firm Book

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Essential Knowledge for a First Year Audit Staff/Intern at a Big 4 Accounting Firm

A True Insider’s Perspective on Big 4 Accounting

You have an idea of what working at a Big 4 is like for a day. What about what your first year is going to be like? Or for the rest of your career? You want the inside scoop? Kevin H spent countless hours developing the ultimate informational book that answers all your questions about public accounting.

Inside comprehensive informational book, we will do a deep dive in to the following topics:

Careers in Accounting
-Accounting doesn't restrict you to only being an auditor. There are more than 5 other career paths.
-The fact of the matter is accounting is an essential foundation for any financial career.

Busy Season Experiences
-What it feels like to work during busy season to help you anticipate your first busy season.
-We answer how many hours you can expect to work on average and when it is the most busy.

Big 4 Experiences
-We will provide answers to why the Big 4 experience is worth going through and so highly-valued.
-Real life challenges you may face & what you can expect to get through your first busy season.

Average age in Big 4 Accounting
-The question we get all the time is whether or not you are too old/young for Big 4.
-We will provide you with alternative options of breaking into Big 4 (not interviewing on-campus) 

Choosing your Office/Location
-You should consider specific factors when you make your decision as to where you'd like to work
-Choosing the best fit office/location for yourself makes a difference especially as first year

Traveling for Work
-Explore the benefits of traveling within the United States, but also internationally  
-Understand when and how to find opportunities to travel or limit your opportunities to travel

Formalized Training
-Understand on an overall basis the structure of these live trainings 
-Aside from formalized trainings firms offer a variety of other types of essential trainings

Outsourcing Services. 14
-Your role in all of this and what you need to do to stand out to your senior staff or manager
-What services are outsourced and what does that mean in terms of your learning opportunities

Cycle counts and Physical Inventory Observations
-What are these and what can you expect 
-Real life experiences in performing cycle counts and insider perspective on the process

-Get an idea of what is standard lunch protocol. Are you surprised there is such a thing?

Vacation days and Paid Time-Off
-I took weeks off to visit to Ireland and Costa Rica and I still had vacation left! 
-How much vacation do you get and what other opportunities are there to take time off?

Performance Reviews and Ratings 
- How are you rated? What goes into determining your raise/bonus?. 17
- Understand the process of the performance rating system and the overall review process

How much money will you make?  18
-This is the almighty question everyone including those who work at the firm always ask.
-You hold the key to this knowledge with this ebook.

In addition, for those who have purchased the eBook, any questions that weren't answered within the eBook, Kevin H will personally answer.

Here is the eBook preview, the Kindle version does not have headers and footers and may be styled differently based on Amazon's requirements.

Check this book out at Amazon. Also, see Big 4 Accounting Audit – An Introduction.

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