Why did the Touchpad on my Asus Laptop stop working?

Aug 8, 2012 -

A Simple Solution to a somewhat frustrating Issue

For many of us, over the years, we've changed our primary "desktop computers" into laptops and even tablets.  In the past, desktop computers were necessary to run high powered complicated programs. However, with the advancement of laptops and tablets, this is no longer the case. Laptops and tablets can do just as much as desktops and are a lot smaller and less bulky.

Still, there are certain things typically associated with a desktop that I still feel more comfortable using. For example, the mouse. While the touchpad is great, there is less control when you are swiping your finger left and right versus using your hand and controlling the cursor. Luckily, I can easily plug in my mouse via a USB to the laptop. That way I don't have to solely rely on windows shortcuts to navigate within my laptop. 

But, using a mouse is sometimes inconvenient say if you are at an airport or in a tight cramp space. So, I was surprised when I unplugged by USB mouse from the laptop and could not use my touchpad. It just didn't recognize it anymore! 

There is a solution: Hold Fn and then hit F9. Volia! Problem solved.
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