Top 14 Windows Logo Key Shortcuts For Your Everyday Use

Aug 2, 2012 -

Logo Key Shortcuts

The following shortcuts are related to the windows key. If you press and hold the windows key along with any of the keys specified below, you will get the result/s documented below.

Below you will find a picture of what the Windows Logo Key looks like on your keyboard. Not all keyboards have this key, but most new PCs will.


  1. Plus key = Zooms in the window screen
  2. Minus key = Zooms out of the window screen

Window displays

  1. Up Arrow = Maximizes your window screen
  2. Down Arrow = Minimizes current window screen 
  3. Left Arrow = Moves window to the left and takes up half the screen
  4. Right Arrow = Moves window to the right and takes up half the screen 


  1. "D" = Takes you to the desktop
  2. Home = Minimize all windows except the current window
  3. "M"= Minimizes all open windows
  4. Shift+"M"=Undo minimization of open windows


  1. "U"=Opens Access Center
  2. "T"=Hold logo key and press "T" to shuffle through application previews via your taskbar
  3. "P" = Calls upon the projector menu 

My Favorite

  1. Ctrl+Logo Key + Tab = Locks the 3D toggling view; allowing you to hit tab to toggle without having to hold the logo key.

Alternatively you can substitute the tab key for the up and down arrow key to move back and forth between windows.
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