Three Steps to Finally Pursue Your True Calling

Mar 2, 2018 -

Find Your Resistance

Have you ever bought one of those abdominal crunch machines and brought it home only to let it collect dust? Or perhaps joined a gym and end up not going? Or stop short of starting a business you’ve always wanted to do? What has stopped you is Resistance.
Resistance is that voice in your head telling you that today is NOT the day to do it because you aren’t ready, your kids soccer match is today, or you aren’t completely financially comfortable.
Resistance is not a real voice. Use your eyes to take a look at resistance. What do you see? You can’t see anything because it doesn’t physically exist. It isn’t a physical barrier. In fact, it’s your own mental construction. Have the courage to step beyond Resistance.

Acknowledge the Need to Take Action

The consequences of ignoring Resistance is that you will lose your entire life. How many people work jobs where they are only in it for the money? Then when they look back, they realize they’ve just wasted all that time pursuing something they didn’t care so much for.
Patients that are diagnosed with terminal cancer suddenly have a prolific realization of what they truly enjoy doing. Usually they recall an experience they had as a kid. As they got older, instead of pursuing their childhood dreams, they shelved their dreams for a more “practical” career like being a lawyer. When these patients were encouraged to follow their dreams, surprisingly enough, some of the cancers actually went into remission. Is it possible that we get cancer because we don’t do what we were born to do? But more importantly, don’t wait until you have terminal cancer to realize your dreams.
The idea is to become the best version of your authentic self. Find that calling, then get out of your own way, and go for it! You don’t have to quit your job, start by doing it a couple hours on the side after work.
Ask yourself, what is your calling? Warren Buffett once said that you ought to do what you love doing. You can’t necessarily find it on your first job, but don’t give up until you find it.
Embrace what you love doing and then cultivate that. What brings you joy? What is your unique ability? The answer goes back to is what do you feel resistance to. What activity produces the deepest terror and that’s what you need to start doing more of.

Embrace Resistance and Become a Professional

Make that mental shift from looking at something as an avocation and turn it into a vocation. This is the shift from the point of view of a weekend warrior versus a real warrior. The professional attitude keeps you from becoming impatient and taking failures and successes too personally. The professional goes at it hardcore with a no BS attitude. As a professional, you go at it day in and day out. That’s what will keep you going and not that external praise. You can fail, but just keep going. Eventually you will get there. There will be a lot of resistance, but embrace itThis is normal and the more you feel resistance then the more important it is for you to do it. 

Stay in a place where you are putting yourself in a place of discomfort. Not in a place where you are safe and feel as if you’ve gone through it all many times. Delve in like you would have done when you were in your early twenties and abandon everything and hope for the best. Putting yourself in a place of discomfort gets harder as you get older. But so what? What do you have to lose? You may have a lot to lose but be willing embrace the possible pitfall.
In summary, find the task or project where you are feeling the most resistance to starting. Then understand the urgency of the situation. You only have one life to live and time goes by fast. Why spend it living someone else’s life? Finally, approach your calling as a professional and embrace that there will be challenges along the way. After all, nothing worth doing has ever been easy. Take the first step today!
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