Five Simple Actionable Keys to Happier Living

Mar 2, 2018 -

Nothing is inherently good or bad, but your thinking makes it so.
Bob has always worked an office job for as long as he can remember. He dreaded coming in to work everyday. Like clockwork, he would be at his desk at 8:00 AM and stare into a black box until it was time to go home. He longed for a job outdoors.
Jim has always worked in the field for as long as he could remember. He hated being in the hot blistering sun for most of the day. There was no shade to be had where he worked. Day in and day out he was at the mercy of mother nature. He longed for a job indoors.
Human are hardwired to focus on the negative experiences because it was what helped us survive in the past. While we can not change our past experiences that have shaped us, we can rewire our thinking. We can help ourselves squeeze more out of our positive moments in life.
1. Be Grateful – There have been numerous psychological studies that have shown that when people write down three things they are grateful for each day for a month, there is a long lasting positive physiological impact on their lives. Being grateful for what you have helps us open up to more ideas and options.
2. Raise your inner awareness –  Being in the present moment and being aware of what is inside helps the mind focus. We are less happy when our minds wander. How do you do this? Focus on you breath by breathing in and out. When you notice your mind wandering just bring it back. Does that make you feel more relaxed and calmer?
3. Connect with other people – It doesn’t matter if you are introverted or extroverted, everyone needs to feel connected to other people. If we feel lonely that can actually increase our chances of depression. Studies have shown that feeling lonely can be just as bad to your health as smoking or obesity. How can you connect with other people? Start by giving more to others. We can give our time, money, or skills.
4. Exercise for your body and mind  – Aerobic activity helps stimulate the growth of brain cell production. Yes, that’s right. Not only is it great for your body, but it will help you think more clearly and effectively.
5. Be curious and try new experiences – Do you every wonder why kids seem happier than adults? As a kid, you had more novel experiences and everything seemed exciting. But as you got older, you started to do more of the same. Trying different things is a fun way to keep your brain functioning optimally. The more you learn, the more connections you’ll develop, and thus leading to more creativity and happiness.

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