6 Things I Wished I Knew When I Was Younger – Simon Sinek

Mar 2, 2018 -

  1. See the bagel.
One day, Simon Sinek ran a race with one of his friends and at the end of the race there was a sponsor giving away free bagels. There were tables full of bagels and lines of people waiting to get a bagel. Simon turned to his friend and asked if he’d want a free bagel. His friend said, “No, the line is too long.” At that moment, Simon realized there were two ways of seeing the world. You can see the thing you want or you can see the thing that is standing in the way.
2. Turn nervousness is excitement. 
Few years ago, Simon was watching the London Olympics. All the journalists would ask the same question to the Olympians, “Were you nervous?” All the Olympians would say, “No, I was excited.” The very physical reaction of nervousness, which includes heart pounding, palms sweating, and knees shaking are in fact also the same reactions you get when you are excited. Interpret nerves as excitement. 
3. You’re here to take care of others. Help yourself and help others too.
United States Navy Seals are considered the most elite forces in the world. In order to become a Navy Seal you need to first make it through BUD/S where only 1% survive. Who makes it through? Not the jocks, not the buff tattooed fellow, or the person who delegates all his work. Some of the guys who make it through are skinny or shiver out of fear. But, there is one thing in common for all those that succeed. When they are mentally and physically drained, they some how find the way to help those around them. The best teams are those who give to each other selflessly. They commit to taking care of each other. 
4. Allow others to feel heard.
Nelson Mandela was universally known to be a great leader. People have asked him how did you become such a great leader. He said that when he was a child, he watched his father run tribal meetings. He watched as his father allow others to speak before he did so himself. This allowed others to feel heard. Only after the tribe spoke, did his father voice his own opinion. Great leaders end the conversation. Practice being the last to speak when you are on the team.
5. Happiness is fleeting and fulfillment is lasting.
We confuse moments of happiness with joy and fulfillment. That feeling you had when you aced that test in college is gone. You don’t feel it today. Fulfillment is something you carry with you on a daily basis whether you are enjoying the day or not. The opportunity to serve those who serve others will bring your fulfillment.  
6. We all always deserve a Styrofoam cup.
If you are the CEO of a fortune 500 company, you’ll fly business class, be escorted to the hotel, and maybe someone will even pick up your dry cleaning. If you are lucky they will give you a ceramic cup for your coffee. The moment you stop being CEO, you don’t get to fly business class, or be escorted to the hotel, but you’ll still get coffee. Only that it will be in a styrofoam cup. That ceramic cup is not for you, it’s for the position you hold temporarily.
You are as valuable as the person next to you, below you in the hierarchy, or your boss. Being a CEO of a company is important, but as a person, you are just like anyone else. Respect others as you respect yourself. Don’t feel lesser than those higher in the hierarchy than you because they are just human.
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