Excel Tip #16 - Filling in Blank Cells with Header Cell Values

Nov 5, 2014 -

Excel - Fill in those Blank Cells with Header Information

When you have a report that has some of the header information filled out but not all of it, what is the best way to fill in blank cells with header values? 

This is especially the case when the rows in your report have repeating information. Typically, the report itself will just show the first new value and leave the remaining blank. This is great if you are viewing the report because you don't want extraneous information. But, what if you want to sort the information and organize a pivot table? You'll need to manually type in the blanks, but that could take you a couple of hours. Imagine if you had thousands of pages of blanks, that would take you days. 

This five step process will help you fill in the blanks with header cell values within minutes! 

1. Highlight and select the range with blanks, including headings to be copied. 
2. Hit "F5", which will prompt up the "GoTo" dialog box.
3. You'll want to hit "Special" and select "Blanks". Then hit "OK".
4. Press "=" key and the Up Arrow.
5. Hold down the Control key and press Enter.

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