Excel Tip #13 - Easily Transpose a Data Set (Flip data from horizontal to vertical or vice versa)

Mar 11, 2014 -

Four Steps to Paste Special Your Way to Transposing Data

Some tables are best looked at with the headers going across versus on the left side. Suppose you've always labeled your table with column headers versus row headers, but now you want to swap it and have the headers go on the left side versus across on top. There are two easy ways of doing this. One is through the below simple four step process. The other is through pure shortcuts. Take your pick.

1. Select range to be transposed
2. Ctrl +C or Copy Button
3. Select the Paste Cell
4. Right Click, Choose Paste Special, Transpose

Super Pro Tip:

Hit: Alt then, E, S, V, E and then click 'Ok'

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