You Need To Be More Resilient

Dec 5, 2013 -

Tips on How To Be a More Resilient Person

How is it that when faced with a difficult and stressful situation, there are certain individuals who are just able to manage their stress better than others? The most resilient person is able to withstand the greatest of storms and come out of it poised, ready to assess the damage, and focus on rebuilding what was lost or determine the next logical steps to take. An example of strong resiliency is Viktor Frankl's Nazi death camp experience. Despite dire conditions and against all odds, when most of the people in the camps died, he came out of it a survivor.

Kennedy once said "Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men". Life is not easy and it doesn't get any easier as you go through it. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that finding that significant other or that new career promotion will make your life easier. There will always be roadblocks and new challenges coming your way. So, how is it that some men crumble in the face of difficult situations, while others thrive.

Remember That It's Not Personal

One reason is the way we decide to view situations. Many people lack resiliency because they take most things personally. If everything in their life is going well, then they rejoice and all is fine. However, the minute roadblocks or new challenges arrive, they start to become discouraged, doubtful, and discouraged.
How they feel ends up being controlled by outer conditions, which are largely uncontrollable. They might ask themselves, why me and why now. It's not personal, bad things happen to everyone. That person who honked at you on the freeway, might know what you look like, but doesn't truly know who you are. So, don't take it personally. Those who are resilient look beyond themselves and focus on the bigger picture or a goal larger than themselves.

Overcome Difficult and Stressful Situations

One of the best ways to build your resilience level is by going through difficult situations and figuring out a way to overcome them. Do you remember when you stressed over that high school paper, looking back if you had to do it again, you probably not be as stressed. You are more resilient now than you were years before.

"Experience is the worst teacher. It gives you the test before giving you the lesson."

In stock trading, it's the same. When you first start trading with a small portfolio of say $5,000. Any drop of 5% or $250 might have seemed like a lot of money. However, as you grow your portfolio to say $100,000. Now suddenly that $250 looks like chump change compared to what you are risking now per trade. To be successful, you must adapt to stresses that were once difficult to overcome.

Visualize the Worst Possible Scenario

Another way to overcome stressful situations is by visualizing the worst possible scenario. Figure out what is the worst that can happen and then determine the logical or practical steps you need to take should that happen. Your goal is to view stressful situation be that shooting star or that small speck in the grand scheme of things because that's what most things are. We just get lost in the details when we are in the experience itself, but if we take a step back we will see the bigger picture. Then ultimately you might realize, it's not as bad as it might have first seemed.
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