Excel Tip #7 - Shortcut to Deleting Multiple Blank Rows in Workbook or Sheet

Jul 29, 2013 -

Deleting Blank Rows Should Not Be a Manual Process

Recently, I copied over a list of colors in Spanish from Microsoft Notepad. Of course, after I copied it over, it left a bunch of blank spaces and rows. Now, my list here isn't that bad. But if I had a longer list it would be a pain to manually delete them one by one.

In theory, I could just select each row and then right-click -> Delete -> Entire row.

Alternatively, I could select a cell in the row and then press and hold "Ctrl" and "-" signs. 

Personally, if I have a long list of blank rows and it is separated by rows with text, all of the above two methods take too much time.

Here is a four step approach to deleting multiple blank rows in the workbook in one scoop. 

1) Select the columns with the blanks. 
2) Press F5 to bring up the "Go To" box. Then press and hold ALT and S or just select "Special...".
3) Press and hold ALT and K or select "Blanks".
4) Press and hold Ctrl  and - signs to delete and shift the cells up

There you go! Now you've saved a bunch of time!
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