Three Key Advice For Twentysomethings to Re-Claim Adulthood

May 18, 2013 -

Adulthood in your Twenties - Three Piece of Advice


The importance of your 20s can not be stressed enough. Some of us think of our 20s as the throwaway period before you 30s, but it is quite the opposite.

Here are five key facts about life that may surprise you. 

   1) First 10 years of  your career has an exponential impact
       on the money you'll earn

   2) 80% of life's most defining moments happen before age 35

   3) The last growth spurt in your brain happens in your 20s
       (Now is the time to change things about yourself)
   4) Personality changes occur in your 20s more than ever before
   5) Female fertility changes peak at 28 and gets tricky after 35

There are too many 30s and 40s year olds who say about your 20s "what was I doing and what was I thinking?"

Case Study

A girl at the age of 25 was "having an identity crisis" She wasn't sure whether she wanted to work in art or entertainment. So she spent the last few years waiting tables. She lived with boyfriend who displayed more of his temper rather than his ambition. When she was filling out a form that required an emergency contact, she didn't know who she could put down. She broke down and cried for an hour.

She reached out to a distant cousin and found a job, which gave her a reason to leave the boyfriend. Five years later she is now a events planning specialist. She is happy and now married to someone she chose. In addition, she now has too many emergency contacts.

What are the three piece of advice for 20 somethings? 

1) Get Identity Capital - Forget about having an identity crisis. Do something that adds values and investment in who you want to be next. Now is the time to try that internship or move somewhere to explore work. Do that start up you've always want to try.

2) Reach out to Friends of Friends - The Urban tribe is overrated . 20 somethings that hang out with like minded peers limit how they think and where they work. Weak ties or friends of friends is how you meet people. Reaching out to neighbor's boss is how you get that job.

3) Start picking your family now - You don't want to be that girl or guy who grabs whoever is closest to you just because everyone else is walking down the aisle. Pick a family you would want rather than trying to make it work or being in a relationship just to kill time.

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