Bank of America 'Better Balance Rewards' Plus Free Museums Admissions for Debit or Credit Card Holders

Apr 7, 2013 -

Better Balance Rewards + Free Museum Admissions with Bank of America or Merrill Lynch cards

Last Friday a credit card offer came in the mail. It's called the Bank of America 'Better Balance Rewards'. Essentially instead of offering points or cash back, it gives you $25 per quarter if you pay just above the minimum monthly amount due. In addition, the card gives you free admissions to museums across the nation. The 'Better Balance Rewards' credit card also says it will give you a bonus of 20% if you have another qualifying account. 

Extra quarterly cash bonus on credit card

A qualifying account is defined as having at least one checking, savings, or retirement account with Bank of America or Merrill Lynch. Basically instead of the $25 you would get $30 per quarter.

Free museums every month of the first full weekend 

There was a bonus to the card that I thought was great, which is the free museum admissions. This was until I found out that ANY Bank of America card would get you admission.

Alternative to applying for the card 

Alternatively, what you could do is convert an existing credit card into this card. That way you don't need to open up another credit line. Also your previous card could be dormant, which would make use of that dormant account. You may lose your rewards, so you'll need to do some cost benefit analysis.

To apply or not apply?

I've been going back and forth about deciding whether or not to apply for this card. Essentially it is a novel idea as I have not seen this type of credit card before. But, the question is how long this would last. Without any points or rewards on this card, in theory you could just use the card once every month and then payoff the balance. My guess is that Bank of America is targeting those who do not pay their balance off in time or hold a balance on their cards.

Bottom line is if you pay your credit card on time, this is just another way to earn $25 every quarter.
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