Top List of Long / Bull ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

Feb 5, 2013 -

The BEST Long/Bull ETF List

Most ETFs mimic or at the very least attempts to mimic the performance of the specified index. For example, the 20+ Year Treasury ETF, mimics that of the 20+ Year Barclays Treasury Bond Index multiplied by 2. Suppose the 20 year Barclays Index goes up 2 dollars. Then the ETF in theory would go up 4 dollars. It's not one-to-one so, there is a good chance that it will not go up by 4. 

In any event, ETF provide the convenience of either going bearish on the market or bullish with leverage without having to have a margin account.

Without a doubt, it is a bullish market right now. How can you capitalize on the market? Use these Bull ETFs.  If you are interested in shorting the market or going against it, here are some Bear ETFs.

Treasury Indices
Ultra 20+ Year Treasury (UBT) - Barclays U.S. 20+ Year Treasury Bond Index  2x
Ultra 7-10 Year Treasury (UST) - Barclays U.S. 7-10 Year Treasury Bond Index 2x

Ultra Gold  (UGL) - Ultra Gold 2x
Ultra Silver (AGQ) - Silver 2x 

Dow Jones
Ultra Basic Materials (UYM) - Dow Jones U.S. Basic Materials Index 2x
Ultra Consumer Goods (UGE) - Dow Jones U.S. Consumer Goods Index 2x
Ultra Consumer Services (UCC) -  Dow Jones U.S. Consumer Services Index 2x
Ultra DJ-UBS Commodity (UCD) -  Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index  2x
Ultra DJ-UBS Crude Oil (UCO) -  Dow Jones- UBS Crude Oil Subindex  2x
Ultra DJ-UBS Natural Gas (BOIL) -  Dow Jones-UBS Natural Gas Subindex  2x
Ultra Dow 30 (DDM) -  Dow Jones Industrial Average 2x
Ultra Financials (UYG) -  Dow Jones U.S. Financials Index  2x
Ultra Health Care (RXL) - Dow Jones U.S. Health Care Index 2x 
Ultra Industrials (UXI)- Dow Jones U.S. Industrials Index 2x 
Ultra Technology (ROM) -Dow Jones U.S. Technology Index 2x
Ultra Telecommunications (LTL)- Dow Jones U.S. Select Telecommunications Index 2x
Ultra Utilities (UPW)- Dow Jones U.S. Utilities Index 2x
UltraPro Dow 30 (UDOW) -Dow Jones Industrial Average 3x
UltraPro Financials (FINU) -Dow Jones U.S. Financials Index 3x 
Ultra Semiconductors (USD) - Dow Jones U.S. Semiconductors Index 2x 
Ultra Oil & Gas (DIG)- Dow Jones U.S. Oil & Gas Index 2x 
Ultra Real Estate (URE)- Dow Jones U.S. Real Estate Index 2x 

Ultra S&P500 (SSO)- S&P 500® 2x
Ultra SmallCap600 (SAA) - S&P SmallCap 600 Index 2x
UltraPro MidCap400 (UMDD) -S&P MidCap 400 Index 3x
Ultra MidCap400 (MVV)- S&P MidCap 400 Index 2x 
UltraPro S&P500 (UPRO) - S&P 500® 3x

Ultra QQQ (QLD) NASDAQ-100® Index 2x
UltraPro QQQ (TQQQ) -NASDAQ-100® Index 3x 
Ultra Nasdaq Biotechnology -(BIB)  NASDAQ Biotechnology® Index 2x NBI

Ultra Russell MidCap Growth (UKW) -Russell Mid-Cap® Growth Index 2x
Ultra Russell MidCap Value (UVU)- Russell Mid-Cap® Value Index 2x
Ultra Russell 1000 Growth (UKF)- Russell 1000® Growth Index 2x
Ultra Russell 1000 Value (UVG)  -Russell 1000® Value Index 2x
Ultra Russell 2000 (UWM)  -Russell 2000® Index 2x
Ultra Russell 2000 Growth (UKK)  -Russell 2000® Growth Index 2x
Ultra Russell 2000 Value (UVT) -Russell 2000® Value Index 2x
Ultra Russell 3000 (UWC)  -Russell 3000® Index 2x 
UltraPro Russell 2000 (URTY) - Russell 2000® Index 3x R

Ultra FTSE China 25  (XPP) -  FTSE China 25 Index 2x  
Ultra MSCI Brazil (UBR) MSCI Brazil Index 2x
Ultra MSCI Emerging Markets (EET) -MSCI Emerging Markets Index 2x
Ultra MSCI Europe (UPV) -MSCI Europe Index 2x
Ultra MSCI Japan (EZJ) -MSCI Japan Index 2x
Ultra MSCI Mexico Investable Market (UMX) -MSCI Mexico Investable Market Index 2x
Ultra MSCI Pacific ex-Japan (UXJ) -MSCI Pacific Japan Index 2x 

Ultra Australian Dollar (GDAY) -  Australian Dollar/US Dollar 2x
Ultra Euro (ULE) - Euro/US Dollar 2x
Ultra Yen - (YCL)- Yen/US Dollar 2x 

Ultra High Yield (UJB)- Liquid High Yield Index 2x
Ultra Investment Grade Corporate (IGU)- Liquid Investment Grade Index 2x
Ultra KBW Regional Banking (KRU)- Regional Banking Index 2x 
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