mBraining Book Review

Jan 21, 2013 -

mBraining - Using Your Multiple Brains To Do Cool Stuff

What is it about?

mBraining otherwise known as multiple Brain Integration Techniques offers practical guidance on how to harness the power of all three brains. Which three brains are we talking about? The heart, gut, and head brains! mBraining guides the reader both through scientific research and meditative techniques to help understand the three brains. The authors Marvin Oka & Grant Soosalu explain how to use multiple brains to understand your true being and help improve the lives of those around you.

What’s good about it? 

Truth be told, I was skeptical about the book at first. Namely due to the name mBraining. To me it sounded scientific. I thought to myself, this must be just another very detailed scientific book with no practicality or some kind of mediocore self-help book. But, in actuality it ISN'T just another purely scientific or self-help book. The authors do a fantastic job of educating the reader on the three brains (heart, gut, and head) and provide actual accounts of them at work. In fact, most likely you are already using your heart and gut brains. Remember those expression, "Follow your heart" or "Go with your gut response"? These are expressions that indicate that your heart and gut have brains of their own. Yes, they speak, but in their own ways. In order to bring awareness and strengthen these brains, the authors guide you through a series of practical breathing exercises.

What’s bad about it? 

The book is very through, which could be a good thing and a bad thing. There were parts of the book that I didn't care for as much. Notably, when the book gets somewhat technical. It starts to use terms such as Anterior cingulate cortex or gut flora. However, to the authors' credit, they do explain each term clearly in laymen terms. The exercises themselves are better conveyed in a different medium. It's hard to do the exercises and read about how to do them at the same time. But, this is the nature of a book with print. They do have audio of the exercises at their site.

What’s your final recommendation?

This is definitely a book to read at least once, if not more than one. The first time around, I got a dose of what the three brains are about and how I can bring more them more into awareness and help build my creativity (head), courage (gut), and compassion (heart). On my second read, I will focus more on the exercises within the book. Ultimately, it is a must read for those who are looking to go beyond just living day to day and getting the most out of living. 
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