Top 5 Free Magento Community eCommerce Extensions

Sep 10, 2012 -

Five Practical Magento Community Extensions - Version 1.7 and On

New websites are launched everyday and as the world begins to clog up the search engines, it becomes more and more difficult to get your website to the top of the search engine listing for your desired keywords. We need every edge we can get. By adding a blog to your eCommerce site, you have improve the odds of the search engines picking up your website.

This extension will help you create a blog within your eCommerce site!

During the testing phases of creating a Magento Community eCommerce site, it is not unlikely that we will run test orders. How else are you suppose to know if your site works? This means adding products to our carts, creating accounts, and checking out as if we were a real customer. Magento doesn't have the option to delete orders. After checking on numerous sites, where people have suggested complex coding, I came across something practical. A Magento extension called Seamless Delete Order.

What this extension does is help you delete selected orders that you have in your Sales > Order Page.

You would have thought this extension would have already been included in Magento, but it isn't. This extension lets you take your site offline while you work on your site. The best thing about this extension is that you will and only the admin will be able to see the site when it is taken offline. That way you can adjust PHP, Java, HTML, CSS, and MySQL coding and see the effects immediately.

My only advice is to clear your cache after you've made changes to your coding to see the effect on your webpages. You can do this by hitting ctrl+shift+del.

Add your store to Facebook. This extension creates a seamless transition into Facebook. Most of us already think of selling on eBay or Amazon, but what about Facebook. There are limitation to the number of items you can put on your Facebook store, but these can be lifted if you are willing to upgrade your extension. Personally, I feel this just gives you another avenue to generate revenues for your eCommerce site. A must have.

It seems like nowadays, everything is integrated. You can now use  your Facebook to help facilitate the signing up with an account process. It is always a pain to sign up for an account just to put in an order. Sometimes you just want to buy the item. Well this Facebook Magento integration helps you reduce the number of steps you need to put in an order. 
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