Million Dollar Traders - Watch Novice Traders Try to Beat Professionals - Full Series

Sep 20, 2012 -

Million Dollar Traders is a UK based three episode TV show following new traders.

A man with significant experience in trading (over 10+ years) interviews and hires eight regular people coming from different walks of life. Among the group is a solider, shopkeeper, IT engineer, former vet, fight promoter, student, recruiter, and single mother. He teaches them how to trade. Within a couple of weeks he has them manage 1 million pounds total. To make money, they will buy long and/or sell short.

There are only two main qualifications he looked for were:
1) Ability to handle pressure
2) Have to be good at math 

These videos follow their trading life during the 2009 stock market crash. As people start to make trades, we start to get a glimpses of their trading psychology. When they see their stock dropping, they panic like crazy. Most of them get super stressed out when their position moves in the opposite directly they were expecting. 

Some of the early problems the newbie traders seem to have include being unsure or afraid to pull the trigger on their trade ideas. Then selling their stocks immediately when they go the opposite direction. In addition, most of their early trades seemed to be solely based on market news or hope versus technical indicators or fundamental analysis.

This was fun to watch, but not very educational.

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