Presenting…Big 4 Accounting Audit – Interview Tips and Tricks

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Contrary to popular belief, being an accountant or auditor is not just working with numbers in front of a desk all day long. It is much more than that. You must be thinking, what else is it? 

Inside this seventeen page Big 4 Accounting - Audit - Interview Tricks and Tips, we will answer the following questions:

What Exactly is Public Accounting?

- A simplistic break down for anyone to understand.
- More specifically this section answers what the role of an auditor fulfills 

What are the Benefits of Working in Public Accounting?

- Eight reasons why you should work in Public Accounting
- Learn what Public Accounting can offer that other industries cannot.

How to Break into the Public Accounting? (Including Industry Specific Interview Tips)

- A brief but thorough breakdown of the entire interview process including types of questions asked
- Understand what the interviewers are looking
- Longest and most insightful portion of the book
- Complete breakdown of first round and second round interviews
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