What is a Good Idea for a First Date?

Jun 25, 2012 -

First dates are nerve-racking 

Where should I take her? What should we do? These are common questions we have especially if we don’t know what she likes to do. 

Here is some advice. 

1) Pick somewhere chill. Not somewhere that is too loud (e.g. bar or club), but has a good fun vibe. It’s too difficult to hear in a bar or club. Personally, I dislike theater movies as first dates because you can’t talk during the movie. You come out of the movie not knowing anymore about her than you did going into the movie. 

2) Save the extravagant activity (i.e. wine tasting) for a third or fourth date. A cooking class or wine tasting will be difficult to follow up. If you set the bar high, then the expectation is that you keep that up. 

3) Invite her to dinner. If you see that the date is going well then you can suggest going to get dessert or coffee afterwards. That way if you are thirty minutes into the date and you want out, you know you won’t have to wait till after coffee. 

4) Do an activity (e.g. walking, hiking, or biking). Engaging activities can lead to great conversations. Plus it gives you another thing to talk about.
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