A Personal Reminder Not So Personal

Jul 4, 2011 -

Like most of my peers, I strive for a better life each and every day. As cliché as it is to say, a better life for me is having those around me be happy. When we talk about happiness, I’m not talking about having every moment be pure jubilation. That is largely impossible.

The happiness I speak of is inner peace and the sense that we have everything to be happy already. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t have any desires; but when our criteria for happiness becomes having this job, that type of girl/guy, that house, etc. We are essentially trying to fill a leaky bucket with water.

Let’s face it. Most of our issues are not whether or not we have something to eat tomorrow, but what are we going to do about next week’s presentation to the VP. While we may have everything to be happy, the truth is few of us are. We believe that when we land that perfect job, then we will be happy. The problem with that is then your happiness becomes dependent on landing that job. This in turn creates anxiety, stress, and tension. The reality is that if we stopped focusing on ourselves, we’ll have a better chance at happiness.
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