So Sleek..Porsche Boxster S Black Edition

May 29, 2011 -

My 2005 Nissan Alitma SE 3.5L V6 just hit 110,000 miles. Though I've heard some of these cars are capable of running upward towards 200k miles, it is time to look at alternative options. Among which includes the luxurious Porsche Boxster S Black Edition. Limited to 987 cars and ranging from $65k to $68k, my chances of purchasing this car are slim to none. Comparatively speaking, I purchased my used Nissan with 50k miles for $15k. Should the government decide to do away with the income tax and for whatever reason I survive without shelter and food for a year and a half, I should have enough to buy the Porsche. That being said,  this is still a ridiculously sleek car. That alone, regardless of the price, is worth a consideration. Tell me this isn't a bad ass car?

Quick Stats: 

V6 - 320 HP
0-60 in 4.8 Secs
Manual/PDK (6-speed, 7-speed)
20MPG - City; 26 MPH


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