Swap out that thick wallet for a stylish slim clip wallet

Oct 16, 2010 -

Swap out that thick wallet!

Nowadays, we often hear people say that more is less. Lately, I've been trying to take that to heart. A couple of months ago, my family held a yard sale to get rid of material possessions that we no longer had a use for. This freed up space in the house. For now, just the sight of a less cluttered house brings clarity into my life and to a large extent peace of mind. I also now look for clothes that fit me better and gives me a more distinguished proper look. Since then, I have been looking to simplify my life and carry less than before.         
Problem: I've been carrying around a chucky wallet for quite sometime now. Everyday when I go to work I feel this bulge in my right pant pocket. This along with my phone and keys makes my pants look bulky. I knew that I needed to do something or at the very least try something different. There has got to be a different way to carry what I need. 

Solution: Bulky wallet into Slim Clip

Finally, I decided to get a money clip. I can fit basically everything I need in my wallet in this dual sided clip. I can fit six credit cards on one side and the flip side I comfortably fit my cash and ID. I also think it is probably a bit more stylish and suave than just having a wallet.  

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