Documentary by a Rich Person of Rich People

Aug 14, 2010 -

Jamie Johnson, the great-grandson of Robert Wood Johnson, who is the co-founder of Johnson & Johnson, explores wealth and issues of social class in America. In "Born Rich" he interviews rich heirs in their early or mid twenties. Some of them seem reasonable, but others seem jaded by their wealth. A few of them realize that happiness doesn't come from money. They realize the gap between the top 1% and the middle class. However, Jamie gets push back from his wealthy peers. They are skeptical about the documentary he is making and family members are concerned about what the documentary can reveal. One of them even sues Jamie.

See for yourself.

If you haven't had enough, then check out "The One Percent", also made by Jamie Johnson. This is an inside look at how the wealthy rationalize the gap between the top one percent and bottom ninety percent.


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