Ways to Make Extra Money

Jun 12, 2010 -

As a college student, I was always looking for ways to make extra money.

If you didn’t know already, consumer product companies have been trying to predict the needs and wants of individual consumer for as long as I can remember. They want us to buy their products and the only way we would do so is by buying what we want and need or what we think we want or need. In the past, companies have asked about individuals’ attitudes, beliefs,values and past behaviors through paper-based surveys. Nowadays, surveys are being posted on the internet through survey research data collection companies.

There must be at least fifty online survey companies out there. I’ve narrowed my focus into two survey companies that I thought paid the most often and in a timely fashion. One of which includes Opinion Outpost.

Companies who look for ways to understand their attitudes, beliefs, values and past behaviors use companies like Opinion Outpost to gather information. Essentially Opinion Outpost amasses a large amount of surveys and holds it in their database, and then it disperses it to the pool of individuals. When a survey is available to its users, Opinion Outpost will send its user an e-mail notification with the direct link to the survey. Alternatively access to these open surveys is accessible through their website interface through your individual account. The results go directly to the consumer products based company or Opinion Outpost’s client.

Each survey has what are called pre-screener questions that helps the consumer product company find their target consumer. Companies want to survey those who fit a certain criteria – including age, sex, ethnicity, income, job profession. Most times, they won’t tell you who they are looking for. So your pre-screener answers could be in vain. But the neat thing about Opinion Outpost is that even though you do not pass their screener they offer you three options. You can donate to a charity, try your chances at an instant win of $50, or enter your name in a large sum sweepstakes.

They do offer a referral bonus incentive when you refer people to the site. It’s only a dollar, so if you are interested, I’d appreciate it if you signed up under my link. Alternatively here is the direct website without the referral link. It takes as little as $5 to cash out. From my experience that is about two or three completed online surveys.


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