Just Another Super-Interesting Post

Dec 26, 2009 -

The stock market has been relatively “dry”, for my tastes, the past two months. Since I’ve started working, I’ve also lengthened my trading time frame. Evidently, this limits the number of trades I make a month. Still, I haven’t been able to make any huge moves in this laterally trading market. But, it’s important that I stay patient and continue to monitor my watch list for the right moment. Folks, unfortunately, I don’t foresee a late “Santa Rally” and am not banking on one just before the New Year. Let’s hope I am wrong.

With starting a new job and all, I’ve started to look at life from a different lens. I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection the past two months or so. It’s almost time to make New Year’s “resolutions” that we so often don’t keep. My goals haven’t changed for the most part, but my reasons for pursing these goals have. So here are my five preliminary goals/resolutions:

1. Pass the CPA

2. Be a student of the market

3. Build my mandarin vocabulary

4. Get back into the gym

5. Meet someone like you

Happy Holidays!


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