Top 5 [Most Recent] Trader Interviews

Aug 8, 2008 -

In no particular order…

Interview Central: Dave Mabe [Stocktickr]
“Dave Mabe is a trader and has a popular trading journal at Here we talk about his evolution as a trader, how he finds trading opportunities, and how he makes adjustments based on his history. Dave has come up with some interesting tools that tell him about his success rate during certain hours of the trading day that enable him to make changes and increase that success percentage.”

Trader Interviews - Wayne McDonnell
“This week we talk with Wayne McDonnell about how he trades the currency markets, how he finds opportunities each day, and the various timeframes he uses for confirmation that it's time to execute. We also discuss why he sets goals in terms of "pips" rather than dollars or percentage gain. A good interview for traders of any market, but especially forex.”

Trader Interviews - Brian Shannon
“Brian Shannon is a full-time swing trader and a new author of Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes. In this interview we discuss his background in trading and his overall philosophy of his approach. Brian talks about why he sets a 3-5% gain goal each week for himself each week and how he finds opportunities with "acceptable risk." We also discuss how he uses key levels of support and resistance to find trades. Finally, we discuss how he takes a large basket of stocks each week and whittles them down to about 20-30 he will be watching. He also has a blog at”

Trader Interviews - Jeff Greenblatt
“Jeff Greenblatt is the Fibonacci Man. Here we talk about how he uses the Lucas series of numbers to supplement his trading on Fibonacci. His book, Predicting Any Market , also talks about his unique trading style and why he did not have success with Fibonacci alone. Listen to this interesting interview for ways you can implement his trading strategies as well.”

Trader Interviews - Bill Kraft
“Bill Kraft practiced trial law for more than 25 years before starting his own photography business. After realizing it wasn't quite what he wanted, he started reading everything he could about online trading. His net worth went from about $300,000 to multi-millionaire status eight years later. Here we talk about how he came through the tech crash by learning how to play the downside of the market effectively, how he trades using options and an "Iron Condor" strategy, and why he decided to write a book about his trading strategies called Trade Your Way To Wealth”
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