Tiger Woods U.S. Open 2008- Absolutely Amazing

Jun 16, 2008 -

Tiger Woods is arguably the best golfer of the decade with 13 major championships. Today he is shooting for his 14th major championship at Torrey Pines in San Diego.
Yesterday in the final round, on the 18th hole (par 5) Tiger and Westwood were tied at E. Rocco had just finished one-under for the tournament.

In order to win the U.S. Open, Tiger or Westwood would have to eagle the 18th hole. Both hit their shots in the bunker off the 18th tee. It wasn’t looking good for either of them. A birdie would tie Rocco and force a playoff.

Long story short, Tiger hits a birdie on the 18th to tie Rocco and force a playoff. Westwood misses his birdie try.

The action is going on right now. Tiger is even par and Rocco is one over.
What surprises me the most is Tiger’s mentality. It is something we can all learn to build especially for trading.

"I tried to break him down mentally, tried to intimidate him verbally, by saying, 'Water on the right, OB on the left,' just before his downswing," Woods once said in an AP interview. "He would look at me with the most evil look, but he wasn't permitted to say anything. That's the frustration. He couldn't say a word, but he always had an escape word. He never used it.

"One day I did all my tricks, and he looked at me and smiled," Woods said. "At the end of the round, I told him, 'Tiger, you've completed the training.' And I made him a promise. 'You'll never run into another person as mentally tough as you.'

"He hasn't. And he won't."

Edit: 18th Holes Playoff then Sudden Death... Tiger wins. But, Rocco put up a helluva fight.


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