Yerba Mate.. WOW

May 2, 2008 -

#1. Yerba Mate (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Consumed from a gourd, and replete with a straw that strains the leaves for you, yerba mate is the food of the gods. It contains three stimulants (caffeine like coffee, theophylline like green tea, and theobromine like cocoa) and provides an extended increase in mental performance without a subsequent crash. I love "Cruz de Malta" brand, and I credit this beverage with producing my first book. Pura vida!
#1. Yerba Mate (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

-Justin Glow

After reading about it in the forums, I walked to the local Trader Joe's and picked up some Yerba Mate in hopes that this potable mixture would help me stay up late into the night. Though I was warned the Yerba Mate at Trader Joe's was weak, I decided to start off with this rather than with the strong stuff.

Conclusion: I think I need the strong stuff...Zzzzzz

Edit: It kicks in...eventually. I like how it keeps me awake, but I can still go to sleep if I need to. It's soothing in that sense.


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