Assorted March 25th 2008 Links

Mar 25, 2008 -

Steve Palmquist Trader Interview

Steve Palmquist is a trader with more than twenty years of market experience who puts his own money to work in the market every day. His new book, Money-Making Candlestick Patterns: Back-Tested for Proven Results, is due out soon. I talked with Steve about how he uses candlestick charts and why his book focuses on ways he increases his probability of success using candle charts by a factor of four, just by adding in a few additional data points. Listeners can learn more about testing trading systems, his current view of the market and the setups he is watching at his site at

Barry Burns Trader Interview

Barry Burns is a full-time trader who takes a very hollistic approach to trading. Here we talk about the various things he looks at to find trades each day (he refers to them as "energies"). We also talk about his background and how having a father who was also a professional trader helped him get his start in the business and the importance of mentors for him. We also discuss why having "trying to figure the market out" is opposite of what traders should be doing. Have a listen to see what he means. Barry also has a blog at

Trading With Emotional Intelligence Part Two

Emotional Intelligence and Trading Part One

30 Major Causes of Failure
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