Quote of the Day

Jan 9, 2008 -

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."

-Albert Einstein

I am sure Albert had a different meaning for saying what he said X years ago than what I am about to interpret it as.

There are times when I've felt that I've been going to school to get the degree rather than to learn. "Go to college to get an education (even if it means you don't learn direct material that is applicable to your future job)" is what the general public says. Regardless of what I think, going to school is what "needs" to be done right now. Even though, I've experience tremendous conceptual and intellectual growth in school, I still believe my education interferes with my learning.

Having said the above, I am now more confident that I have misinterpreted what Mr. Einstein meant.

Have a great day! I am still in all cash! (I have to learn how to short)
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