StockKevin Is BACK! [On Execution]

Dec 15, 2007 -

I am back after a two week hiatus from blogging. For the rest of this month, I will be focusing on executing trades - buying what I should and selling when I need to. Many times what makes crystal clear sense in theory, as many of you already know, can and most often does work differently in practice. Personally, I believe what separates the best from the best is how well one executes a plan or idea.

There are plenty of books that tell you what to do to make big bucks when you are trading. Most people understand cash management, position sizing, stops, etc. But, what separates a Tiger Woods from a Sergio Garcia (Nothing against Sergio don't get me wrong he's a professional, just that he chokes on the final holes and sometimes playoffs)? The answer is execution - applying what you know most efficiently and effectively.

The way I will be doing this is by reiterating trading fundamentals and keeping a very close eye on my trades (especially in this market state).


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