Multiple Mental Mind Sets All in the Same Day

Dec 21, 2007 -

Some days can be mentally draining- situations arise and at times it can get rough both mentally and physically. I get to work at 8:00am and spend about seven hours there. Then it's off to class until 7:00pm. In between work and class, I spend around an hour to two hours at the gym. Through in networking with professionals, starting a club, a social life, and you can see how little time I have for anything else. However, the biggest challenge I have is NOT managing my time. Somehow, I always find enough time to do what I need to do.

The biggest challenge is preparing my mind for the situation on hand. When I am at work, my mentality is different from that of when I am in class. With only thirty minutes in between work and class, I find myself struggling to make the mental gear change (especially if I have an exam in class). I spend seven hours at work, where the focus is on production and efficiency, which after a while turns into repetitious routine (you establish an efficient system), then in class it's largely about thinking outside of the box and breaking outside of the routine (learning concepts and ideas that you have not been exposed to). I'd rather not try to be "Jack-of-all-trade" in terms of taking on multiple roles. Like I mentioned before it's mentally exhausting.

Some day you just have to muscle through it. But there comes a time when you have to reevaluate the situation and figure out if what you are doing is the best way to allocate your mental energy.


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