When It’s Time to Pull the Trigger, Don’t Hesitate

Nov 1, 2007 -

I am always looking for way to improve my trading strategy and mentality. For me to improve, I have to be willing to jump into stocks that present ideal entry signals. Often time, I buy days before it starts to make its big move. Naturally, the stock doesn’t go up that same day or even in two days. So, I have to be willing to hold through a couple days of turbulence. Usually by that time, I’ll know if that stock is going to run away with my money or sky rocket to new highs.

There have been times when the entry looked perfect and the stock had everything going for it technically speaking. But, I wouldn’t pull the trigger because I wasn’t familiar with the stock. So, I’d miss the stock running up and miss huge profits. What I have to do is: PULL THE DAMN TRIGGER!

I’ve also widened my stops. In this market, you are seeing a lot of dip buyers. In the short run the stock may fall, but in a couple weeks you could see it hit a new high. I will be looking to execute the previously mentioned tactics in this week. Keep an eye on APPL, GOOG, LULU, DECK, GS!


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