Trading Journal for November 13th 2007; Actions to Take Under Particular Circumstances

Nov 13, 2007 -

GS – Stop at $205; STO still looks good; OBV looks decent; Target [1] 220 , [2] 230

AIXG- Stop at $13, STO great, OBV great; Target [1] $14, [2] 14.7


AAPL- Look for Bounce Back; DECK - Bounce Back (Good company); C –Tight Stop (Tight Profit Target)

Edit: Still don't like the last few days of activity with AAPL, DECK, and especially C. I will be looking for a confirmation of today's action tomorrow. My guess is that the stocks are up because the market as a whole is up. In any event, I hope I am wrong, so I can pick up some AAPL or DECK tomorrow.

Also keeping an eye out for confirmation for JASO.


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