In All Cash- Waiting for the Market To Cool

Nov 26, 2007 -

GOOGLE at 666

Is it truly hell?

I exited all my positions today, mainly AAPL and DECK for about 2-3% gains. Judging by the way the market has gone today, I don't think there will be many set ups for tomorrow. But, if I find a perfect set up and all goes well tomorrow morning, I will execute it in the afternoon.

Still, the market has not shown any particular bullish interest. The DJI is down on about average volume. The low volume bullish Friday was not confirmed today.

There are plenty of opportunities to pick bottoms such as C hitting its low since 2002, but the way these stocks have been going, I'd be very cautious.

If I get around to it, I'll update some potentials for tomorrow. If in fact there are any.

Edit: WATG looks like a potential buy tomorrow.


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