Stock Trading Lessons Thus Far + Links for Saturday, September 22nd 2007

Sep 22, 2007 -

"I had been completely correct in my thinking, but I was too impatient. I tried to cheat the pattern by getting in early and instead the market taught me a valuable lesson: you can't cheat the market so wait for the market to tell you how to act"

"The key was simply waiting for the right opportunities to present themselves"

"It was definitely better to get out early than to be unable to get out after a large price drop"

"You cannont rely on speculation for steady earnings because the game doesn't work that way. Opportunities come and go. The key is to remain nimble enough to be able to take advantage of situations when they arise."

10 Documentaries you must watch on Google Video

This looks like an awesome desk, but would you stand up the entire day?

Coca-Cola Self Chilling Soft Drinks

Tell me this isn't cool.....


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