September 5th Trading

Sep 5, 2007 -

Portfolio Holding: CRNT & EMKR (70 Stocks / 30 %Cash)

Both are up 5-10% from where I bought it at.

I try not to look at my account or the profit level because then my emotions come into play. What I do look at are the charts and I read what the charts tell me. This way I trade my ideas and thoughts about the market rather than my emotions about how much money I have in the trade. There have been too many times when I've sold a stock because it was down only to see it rebound to a new high.

EMKR looks like it will hit resistance at $10. We shall see if it can overcome that barrier later today or tommorrow.

As long as the charts look good, I will continue to hold/add to the trades.

Happy Trading!


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