Market Review and Thoughts for Friday, September 21th 2007

Sep 20, 2007 -

Like Kirk mentioned, The market is looking overbought for the most part. Today's pullback might have looked nice if it was a much larger move. Nonetheless, I do see two potential buys for tomorrow. DVR and HIFN. HIFN looks like a much better buy, especially as its hovering over the 20 day MA.

Anyways, I exited my position on VRSN for a 1.8% gain. I held it for two days. Looking back my entry was late and its overbought now such is the market.


Nick M. said...

Hi Kevin,

Definitely go with HIFN. With the stocks price level right above its 50 day MA, you could cut your losses quickly if the stock breaks down from that point. Good pick by the way.


StockKevin said...

Thanks Nick! Well noted.

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