Establish a Mindset, Accomplish a Goal

Aug 25, 2007 -

When you set a goal, ideally you are asking yourself to close the gap between your current situation and your achieved goal. You are a different person before you reach your goal than after. Would you agree?

Often times, we understand the actions necessary to reach our goal. I always hear my friends say to me, "Kevin, I am going to go to the gym and begin to eat right so I can lose weight". My friends understand actions they need to take, but what usually happens? They end up going maybe going to the gym the first week and end up eating junk food the second week. It may take another six months before they begin to think about losing weight. Why do you think this is so?You can argue that its discipline, lack of commitment, or what not. But the bottom line is my friends aren't fully believing that they can reach their goal. Their mindset is not that of one who has already accomplished their goal. This is understandable because they haven't reach their goal! But how many times do you hear professional athletes envision themselves finishing their race? Almost every race! Why is it so much easier to complete a goal or task the second time over? The reason is because you understand what it feels like during and after reaching your goal. All you have to do is imitate the steps and mindset along the way; you've been there before.

If you want to make a million bucks, you have to feel like a million bucks. Right?
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