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Aug 22, 2007 -

"There are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes."

-- William John Bennett

Ironically, there are menial internships. Many internships require databases development. That alone is similar to grunt work. What they do is search online data and existing raw data to ultimately create a database for their boss.

I've been through the "menial job" being a parking attendant. Eventually ascending to the second level and then quitting after 2 months. I spent about a year as a parking attendant. What It did for me was develop work ethic and it gave me perspective on life. However, in the end it was a dead end job and I quit.

My second job was at an investment real estate firm. It was an internship and I did mostly pushing papers and database management. However, my other duties included filtering clients for my boss to secure accounts. I learned a tremendous amount of information about the real estate industry from commercial to residential real estate.

Having been in both worlds, internship and menial jobs, I feel I have gained humility & character from my menial job. For my internship, I gained professionalism & technical skills. Most of the skills I learned in both jobs were interrelated and many times the skills I learned from my 1st job were applicable to my internship.

I definitely believe doing more and different things gives more and different perspectives in life, which can help in making friends and relating to different people.

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