Managing Trades for End of August Part II

Aug 29, 2007 -

It looks like my trades have been acting as expected. Most of them dipped under the 20 day MA and are in between the 50 day MA. For the one that dipped near the 50 day MA it is oversold in the short term. The others are just below the 20 day MA. The issue right now is that they aren't oversold yet, so there is a good chance they will fall today and Thursday.

If anything there will be a bounce on Friday, if not then the stocks are done.

My strategy is to see what happens to IFLO and use that as a gauge to see if there will be a bounce back up. In the long term, I don't have much to worry about just yet. But, if I am trading short term, which I most likely will not be with these trades, there will be some issues.

For today, I will watch the market. Any extreme moves will be noted and acted upon. Otherwise, sit through the storm.....


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