Week In Review

Jul 27, 2007 -

Stock market took a tumble is an understatement. Exited most of my positions Tuesday.
Made only one trade since then- OMTR

I am going to start making watch lists either on a day to day basis or every two days.

Working 8:30-5:00pm is ridiculously exhausting. The days go by fast. Especially, since now I've found myself creating routine at work. e.g. Calling & following up all morning, Quoting clients in the afternoon. etc.

I opened "twenty-one" files this week. Relatively speaking, the full-time employees open anywhere from 5-15 files a week. But, they also have to handle their existing accounts.

What I've Noticed/ Would like to try approaching it differently next week:

I use my eyes a lot through out the day. At work and then when I get back home.

At work: I'm on the computer for most of the 7 1/2 hours I am there.
At home: I have to sift through stock screens & read books


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