Jul 23, 2007 -

Having too many goals risks spreading yourself too thin. Too many goals can mean not enough effort and time goes into achieving each and every one of your goals.


Having only one goal is similar to putting all your eggs in one basket. If you fail to reach your goal, it may be difficult to handle.

I have a lot I want to achieve this summer, but I am only going to focus on goals that will continue to be important to me even after summer.

Four main goals for the summer!

1.Maintain a run/work out schedule

Action Plan: Run/ Work out everyday.

I've been active for as long as I can remember. I've participated in all kinds of sports. I was on the high school track & field & cross -country team. At least twice a week I pick up a basketball. But, there as days where I don't exercise at all. I'd like to get to the point where I am exercising everyday.

2. Kick-Start Studying Chinese

Action Plan: Study Vocab & Grammar. One lesson a week.
Getting back to my roots is where I am beginning to feel more and more comfortable in life. I tried last year to get back into learning Chinese at the university, but I stopped after the 2nd quarter. Hopefully, this summer I can get to some level of comprehension.

3. Keep an open perspective on life

Action Plan: Read a book a week. Keep social life active.
People have different experiences and no single person has the world's knowledge, rather everyone has a piece of the world's knowledge. By reading about their experiences I can get a better understanding of life and come up with innovative ideas- keeping my life more interesting.

4. Achieve 5% return for summer alone

Action Plan: Cut losses, Let Gains Run

Since my internship (which I will post about later), I've had less time to focus on trading stocks. As a result, my trades haven't been managed as well as they could have. But, I believe I can get back to higher gains. I will continue to build my knowledge about stock trading and cut my losses. The money I get from my internship will be put 100% into stocks. This will give me more leverage.
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